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About Pure Play Kids

About Pure Play Kids

Pure Play Kids creates and sells great wooden toys, cloth toys, organic toys and Waldorf toys with a strong focus on toys made in America. Pure Play Kids started as a personal quest to find better toys for our own kids and ended up as a full business selling online and making toys in our own Tennessee Toyworks facility in Centerville, TN. Tania and Mike Grant are the "mom and pop" behind Pure Play Kids

At Pure Play Kids, we do things the right way, not the easy way. Despite the challenges, we decided to make our wooden toys in the United States. China would be cheaper and easier, but we want to create American jobs and to have complete quality control of the materials and work from start to finish to make the best wooden toys available anywhere. 

We know our customers also make choices, and we appreciate each and every one of our supporters whether you buy from us, write about us or tell others about us. Know that you are helping us bring back toys with better values and stronger development qualities. Also know that your support of us and businesses like ours is the key to creating great jobs here in the United States.


In addition to the toys we design and make ourselves, Pure Play Kids also sells toys made exclusively by other small US and European toy makers who share our goals, values and commitment to quality and safety. Everything at Pure Play Kids is selected based on:

Play Power:  Play is the work of children, and toys are the tools. Play is sacred, and toys should be cherished. Through unstructured play we nurture our imaginations and develop emotionally, socially and cognitively. Pure Play Kids stands for toys that are kid-powered (not battery-powered or based on TV/movie characters), open-ended (not pre-programmed), and will grow with kids (allowing parents to buy better, not buy more). Of course, our toys are also all about FUN!

Integrity: We have a responsibility to our children, our people and our planet. We sell wooden toys, recycled and other natural products wherever possible; such products are kinder to our world and safer for our children. Pure Play Kids does not market to kids through advertising, licensed characters, film tie-ins, or noise- and light-starting buttons marked "Try Me!" All Pure Play Kids toys are made in the USA or Europe to ensure product quality, product safety, the dignity and freedom of workers, and stricter environmental standards. It's about giving our kids their best possible world, after all.

Quality Products:  Pure Play Kids adheres to the strictest American and European standards. Our products are constructed of safe, durable and non-toxic materials. Our toys last longer - both physically and in terms of maintained interest - than plastic toys, so they won't end up in a landfill in months. Our toys also pass the Living Room Impact test: they will look far better occupying all rooms of your house than will plastic toys. 

Country of Origin matters. We only sell products made by highly ethical companies making products in the United States and Europe. US-made toys account for about 90% of our sales, but we acknowledge Europe's great toy culture, coupled with its similar wage, safety and environmental standards. All products at Pure Play Kids should have an American flag of European Union flag so that shoppers know what they are buying. 

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