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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"The boys LOVE their wooden animals.  They play with them every day...and fight over them every day...but they truly love them.  Great product. Jan 2015 Silver Spring, MD


"Mark really liked his wooden memory game...the morning after Christmas he went straight for it." San Fran, CA Dec 2014


"We love our Organic Pure Play Kids bibs! " Aug 2014 Greenwich, CT


"The Giant Road puzzle is fabulous!!! Every kid has matchbox or other type cars that are perfect to use with this road.  BTW - my grandson is 16 months and he loves it. Feb 2014.  Old Bridge, NJ 


"Thanks so much for your personal attention. I love your products. So refreshing! Will order more products soon for my son's friends whose kids are now toddler age and a little older. Jan 2014, Brooklyn, NY


"Thank you for making awesome toys! I can't wait for my girls to see their gifts in the morning."  December 2013, Raleigh, NC


"I love the community dramatic play outfits I ordered for the boys. I am happy to see your company is doing well. Not only do I look for USA made toys, but good educational open-ended toys, which I see your site has many. I will be ordering more in the future."  December 2013, Rye, NY


"Got the toys on Monday. They are really nice quality and Lily LOVED them! Count me among your new fans! I’ll certainly be ordering more and spreading the good word about Pure Play Kids."  December 2013, Bethlehem, PA


"We received our fishing poles in the mail yesterday. They got here so fast and look awesome! I can't wait to play-I mean for my daughter to play-with hers. Thank you for making great, safe toys and for the handwritten note. :)"  November 2013, Charlotte, NC




"Two days ago my son was using the number sides to make numbers into the quintillions. Yesterday he enjoyed this matching game we made. So many uses for our beloved Groovy Blocks.  We LOVE them!"  November 2013, Stamford, CT


"We are flying out there tomorrow for our granddaughter's birthday party - she just started walking and will soon start rocking on her Rocking Horse. Thank you for everything!!  Go USA made.  I'll be ordering from you again!  Great service." November 2013, Jefferson City, MO


"Have we told you lately that we love you? Because we do! Thanks for another fantastic order! Even though you have moved my order came incredibly fast. Now that I have seen the toys you are designing and manufacturing on your own in person I am even more impressed. Your fish & fishing rod set is FABULOUS! We are giving it as a gift to one of D's best buddies, but I can't wait for an excuse to order one for ourselves"  October 2013, Stamford, CT


"Mike and Tania, thank you so much for helping me select the Pounding Bench for my son's birthday.  He is still happily pounding away on it two years later!  I had no idea that toddlers loved to hammer so much!   Thank you for selling such great wooden toys!"  August 2013, Bethesda, Maryland


"I sent my granddaughter the Wooden Rocking Hourse for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She hasn't gotten off it since.  We're so glad that we found your site.  We love traditional toys that are made in the USA!"   June 2013, Augusta, Maine


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my order and it arrived the next day! Thanks for your note - I strive to purchase only Made in the USA items (though will sometimes buy toys made in Europe), which are hard to come by but worth the energy to find and the extra money. Thanks for offering these items at Pure Play Kids!"  April 2013 Hunter, NY


"My son and daughter we filled with delight when they saw the Pure Play Kids Wooden Fishing Rods in their Easter Baskets.  They haven't stopped using them since!  What a great toy!  April 2013 New York, New York

"We just received our cotton loop loom kit!  We couldn't wait to tear the box open and begin creating. 
Thanks for a quality product and fine customer service!" March 2013,  Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thank you so much for the great travel toys! Received everything on Tues!! So fast! And everything is adorable --- packed it up and sent it on her trip today!! Only wish I would be there to see her excitement and enjoyment((( Thanks again!!! February 2103, Clarksburg, MD

"I could not be more pleased with my purchases from your fine company. Prompt delivery, quality, and selection for all ages are a big A+ by me. Thank you, I will be back!!!" December 2012, Wilmington, NC

"I received my little wooden train set (made in Vermont USA YAY!!) on Wed and just wanted to say that's it's beautiful! Thank you so much! I love being able to buy environmentally friendly toys that are made in the country I live in. I'm thankful for companies like you that still understand the importance of keeping the money here at home and the non toxic creative thinking toys- perfect. Your personalized notes always make me smile as well! Thank you!!" December 2012, South Otselic, NY

"All I can say is WOW. You guys are awesome. Got my box today, along with your note. Everything looks great. Thank you for going above and beyond:-) December 2012, Oakdale, NY

"Three years later, the School Bus fro Pure Play Kids is still a favorite! Highly recommend it for boys and girls!" December 2012 Greenwich, CT

"I received my package of TOYS! the other day and everything arrive in top condition. After checking everything out, I am beyond pleased with my order. Great quality with lots of fun in store beginning Christmas morning! The grandkids will love everything, I am sure! Thanks so much--I'm glad I found you!" November 2012 Emporium, PA

"So excited about all my holiday gifts from PPK. Thanks you guys! They all look terrific I wish I had ordered more!" November 2012 Manhattan, NY

"It never fails to amaze me, no matter how many times I order from your great company, the unbelievable quality of everything you sell. I just snuck a peek at one of the items Santa will be bringing my son this year - the 78 piece advanced building block set. The sheer WEIGHT of these blocks is incredible. And the smell! Let's face it, how many people are likely to say "I can't wait to open my chid's toy and smell it?" But there it is - the beautiful smell of maple! I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning. If it's anything like last year when he saw his wooden cash register, vacuum and school bus the the grin will be enormous! Thanks for providing our family with easy access to fantastic, safe toys.:)" November 2012 Stamford, CT

"We received our son's Christmas gifts yesterday from Pure Play Kids. Thank you for the top notch customer service. The toys are beautiful" November 2012 Franklin, TN

"I received our 2nd order, thank you! We are loving all of our fun items we have ordered from you, most especially the 'pay do'. Thanks again!" November 2012 Rowayton, CT

"Hi Peggy - Thank you for picking out the Pure Play website!! S and I are both big believers in the best toys being 90% kid and 10% toy. We had so much fun looking at everything. We placed an order for the wooden stacking rings, a clutch rattle, the cloth ball, and the pull caterpillar toy. Even though the baby won't really be into pull toys for a while we couldn't resist. :) We are totally going to set up for baby birthdays and Christmas there as well. Thanks for introducing us to such a cool website!" November 2012. Fairfax, VA

"I received my Fishing Rod order yesterday, and I was very pleased with the items. It is so nice to get items made in the USA rather than China or somewhere else overseas. Thank you for the good quality. These things are for Christmas, but I am sure that my grandson will love them. Thanks again and best wishes in your business." October 2012. Cookeville, TN

"The Drainable Yellow Duck opens! My daughter love love loves this duck. It was one of he first words, and she picked out a duck for her Halloween costume. Thanks for starting her love of duckies!!" September 2012. Stamford, CT

"Got our first inhabitant in the bug house tonight - a great big beetle! Yeah!! The nature net and bug house are awesome gifts!" August 2013. Redding, CT

“My nephew loves the blocks and marble set I got him for his birthday from Pure Play Kids and I couldn't be happier with the customer service. I mistakenly entered my own address for shipping and the company caught my mistake, emailed me and corrected it so the gift arrived in time for his birthday today. I'll definitely be returning to purchase more toys in the future. Thanks again.” June 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana

“We got back home after 5 days away and she went to her rainbow as soon as she got in the door!! My Daughter LOVES her wooden rainbow toy.” June 2012, Stamford, CT

"My son absolutely LOVES painting the vehicles and then being able to play with them. He can also hammer the wheels in which was fun for him too. The Make Your Own Vehicles is a really great toy. We have also played the bus board game my parents sent and it is very simple and fun. I will recommend it to others and am likely to buy it for a gift when somebody gets to the right age." June 2012, Greenwich, CT

"Dear Mike and Tania! I recently ordered the tractor and hay wagon to give my 3 year old son for his birthday. I was very happy with how quickly it got to me. My little boy will love it:) I will be ordering again soon! There's just so much I want!!! I get as excited about toys as my kids do when it comes to great quality toys!" May 2012, Midlothian, VA

“I just had my first experience with Pure Play Kids; my daughter received a personalized super hero cape and mask for her birthday two weeks ago and she hasn't taken it off yet! Thanks so much; I can’t wait to buy some for her friends.” April 2012, Stamford, CT

"I received the camera today and I am so thrilled with it! It is just so cute! I bought it for my grandson who will be born in late summer. His dad is a photographer and this is his first camera. I can just picture him going out with his dad to take pictures together. It is a wonderful toy. Thank you, I will visit your site again and will recommend it to people. Well done!" March 2012, Mt Pleasant, SC

"Hello! I work as a healthy cooking coach and just had a workshop with parents yesterday. I showed them to the two games I purchased from you recently: the Chef game and the shopping game. I told them how much my 3 year old enjoyed them. I think you've got a winner with it. I'll be sending your website link to the workshop participants so they can order them for their families. Thank you!!" March 2012, Potomac, Maryland

"Our package from your shop arrived yesterday for our daughter's birthday. She could not have been more thrilled! The Travel Stacking Puzzle Dollhouse and the wooden cash register have been such a huge hit and the birthday girl has gladly shared with her sisters. Love the quality, love the beauty, love the simplicity, love the safety (no plastic!), love the natural materials, love the craftsmanship, love everything about them! Thank you!” March 2012, Houston, TX

"Pure Play Kids is why I try my best to purchase toys at quality places that offer great customer service and wonderful products!" February 2012, Fairfield, California

“I wanted to tell you that we printed some paper money today (taking an opportunity to teach a lesson how you really just can't print money whenever you want... hehe), and we had so much fun with it! I had some white paper that's heavier than normal paper, somewhere between regular paper and card stock, and it came out so well! We spent nearly an hour buying and selling, counting out the money, figuring the change, etc. So fun! Thanks for putting the template up and sending the after-Christmas reminder about it... I'd have forgotten about it and missed out on a huge opportunity for play with an already fantastic toy! Love PPK!! :-)” January 2012, Norwalk, CT

“We received the walker cart today and our son, loves it! He even let go and stood on his own (for the first time) while using it today! This will really help him to start walking. Thank you for the note about assembly. My husband was amazed at how sturdy it is.” Sept 2011, NY, NY

“I am very happy with my purchasing! Very quick delivery, very nice box. Thanks again!” December 2011, Karyne New York

“We have your drum and we love it.” November 2011 Stamford, CT

“The Drum is fantastic. Timothy LOVES his” November 2011 Madison, South Dakota

"Just made the "kiss naturals" organic lip balm with my daughter! A little tricky at first, but at the perfect level to interest my 11 year old. It was a lot of fun, and a great project for mom and preteen to do together! Highly recommended for all those young ladies with a blooming interest in make-up wearing!”  September 2011, Haddonfield, NJ

“We think your company and Website is a great idea and we really support your efforts. We are both teachers and have a 10-month old son. We are sending out invitations to his first birthday party and recommending everyone buy a gift from your Website! It would be great if you made and could send out invitations to people like us”  August 2011, NY, NY

“I have attached pictures of by daughter with the pacifier, fish, & duck.  She is in love with ALL of them!  She loves the duck!  She plays with it in the tub & in the pool.” July 2011, Burlington, NJ

"Just want to let you know how much Sophia is loving her bath towel I got from you. There really need to have a warning tag that says, "Warning: can cause super fun and child may refuse to get dressed." I am thinking of ordering two more for my nephews in Singapore.”  June 2011, Stamford, CT 

“Awesome towels! I received mine today, and cannot believe how cute, roomy, and well made they are! I have 2 very happy little girls:)”   June 2011, Haddonfield, NJ

“Mike, Wow! What great service you provide!  I picked up your business card at the Durham farmer's market and had just been searching for wooden "made in the USA or Europe" toys, so was pleased to find your business.  I really appreciate your timely responses. We are considering buying my daughter a rocking horse in a couple of months and will definitely check back with your site.  Not to mention, I will pass your site onto folks I know”  May 2011, Durham, NC

“Thanks so much for everything. I will definitely let my friends (and other grandmas) know about your site.”  May 2011, Rochester, NY

“Wow! What great service you provide!  I picked up your business card at the Durham farmer's market and had just been searching for wooden "made in the USA or Europe" toys, so was pleased to find your business.”   May 2011, Durham, NC 

“We LOVE our fishing rod, it’s our go-to gift for birthday parties.”  April 2011, Greenwich, CT

“My (2 yr old) son is obsessed with the Under the Sea puzzle set that we got him”.  March 2011, Stamford, CT

“You two are doing such wonderful things with Pure Play Kids!  Thanks for making gift giving so easy and fun!! Keep up the GREAT work!”   March, 2011, San Diego, California.

"Since I haven't seen you at KidsU I haven't gotten to tell you what a hit the PPK toys were (and still are) from Christmas!!!"   February 2011, Stamford, CT

“I loved all of the products that we got Kylan for Christmas and look forward to getting her some new things soon”. February 2011, Denver, CO

"The girls have been loving the dollhouse. Its front and center in our family room. We have also been playing the busstop game every night after dinner for the past 5 nights. Each night has been a little better with crying over who picked who to put on their bus. They like to pick people that look like our family or just kids to put on their bus. The try to cover them with their hand so other people can't pick them! Also found a game to play with the fishing rod. Reagan has sight words she is working on at school. We taped them to the back of the fish and when she picks a fish she reads the word. She loves it! Ellie just says the letters. Needless to say we have been very happy with the toys. (The junky ones they asked for from Santa are already losing their luster!)"  - January 2011, Hudson, OH 

"Just wanted to tell you that we just yesterday opened the Shopping List game and Maksim is obsessed....he loves it. We'll be sure to order the booster pack soon. And a nursing bonnet....hehe!"  January 2011, Greenville, SC

“I just want to send a big THANK YOU.  I just used the gift certificate this week to buy a last-minute birthday present for my son's second birthday.  I ordered on Monday evening, just *hoping* that it would come in time for his party this weekend.  Amazingly, it arrived on Wednesday afternoon, less than 48 hours after I placed my order, and in plenty of time for CJ's birthday.  Pure Play Kids has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.  Thank you so much!”   October 2010, Boston, MA